About me

While I’ve always enjoyed watching cooking shows, my interest in cooking didn’t really start until my senior year of undergrad when I had my own kitchen and a limited meal plan.  Necessity is a great teacher.  Over the years I’ve made many a phone call to Mom and Sister asking ridiculously simple questions, everything from “how do you boil an egg?” to “what goes into a beef stew?” (to my vegetarian sister).  Definitely not an expert, but I have a passion for good food and I’m not afraid to try new things.  Foodie friends and lots of blogs have given me plenty of inspiration and guidance on where to start!

When I began cooking for the Tuesday night School of Christian Living classes I decided to start recording my culinary adventures.  The SCL dinners are vegetarian and for a larger group than I would normally cook.  I’ll also try to document other catering jobs I get, as well as new recipes I try at home.

Have a seat at the table, and let the culinary adventures begin!

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